How to gain more business with a Scalable phone system


The world of business is a fast one. It’s an industry imperative that your business needs to be able to adapt and bend with changes in order to beat the competition. This means you need to ensure that you don’t face any unnecessary implications. An outdated phone system can be a huge burden on your company. If it isn’t flexible enough to scale with ease, your phone system can cost you valuable time not to mention hamper your companies productivity. It may be time to consider a new hosted phone system, but what benefits can your business and employees expect from a scalable solution.

Rapid Growth

A hosted cloud system means that your phone system is able to scale to meet multiple scenarios. If your business experiences a period of rapid growth then a hosted phone system gives you the power to add lines and extensions quickly in order to handle higher volumes of inbound and outbound calls. Can you really afford not to answer your customers requests?

Seasonal Times

In preparation for high seasonal volumes it’s easy to find yourself in a position of over compensation with too many phone lines or extensions. This means that you could be losing a lot of money on extensions or lines that are simply not being utilized. With a hosted solution, you are able to react to customer volume accurately by adding or removing lines to meet the exact demand. This ensures that your company is just paying for exactly what you need instead of wasting money on unused lines.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s world, it’s not unreasonable that customers expect fast accessibility to customer service or support. They need to be able to contact you and more importantly be answered in a reasonable time. Research states that good customer service and support is often a swinging factor when choosing between companies. A hosted phone system is better suited for dealing with high demands and is flexible enough to change hunt groups or call diverting at a click of a button.

Mobile Working

Whether your employees are working from their office phone or mobile device, modern cloud communications technologies can deliver a consistent user experience that transitions smoothly across multiple devices, platforms and networks. Your employees are able to answer calls wherever they be.

Ease of Use

Time spent on everyday tasks stacks up. A good business phone system should be easy to use and intuitive for new users, making communications simple instead of adding extra work which suits your business valuable time. A hosted phone system slices time spent dialling numbers or pressing multiple buttons. You are now able to call with one click!

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