Temporary Short-Term Broadband services

Go Gloucestershire Communications can provide you with the tools to manage a network of low-cost temporary broadband Internet connections for home workers, small branches or temporary locations such as construction sites. It offers a choice of broadband Internet connectivity, including fibre access, together with an optional wireless router.

We can offer 30 day rolling contracts, so, no need for you to sign up for lengthy 12 month contracts, for services you only require for a short period of time.

Key features:

Business traffic prioritisation

We recognise that organisations use enterprise broadband for business applications and to apply appropriate traffic management policies – ensuring that business protocols are prioritised through the network at all times.

Choice of support models

While all Enterprise Broadband Portfolio products benefit from a helpdesk to helpdesk model for rapid fault resolution, Enterprise Broadband offers the option of direct end-user support – particularly useful for out of hours support to your employees.

Automatic router configuration If you choose to buy your routers through the Enterprise

Broadband Portfolio portal, together with your broadband lines, then those routers will auto configure when connected to the line, including setting username and password. Installation couldn’t be easier.

Choice of addressing models

When using the Enterprise Broadband Portfolio, end users can be allocated either a dynamic or static IP address at no additional charge, or can be allocated a block of static IP addresses for a small monthly rental.

No download limits

None of the Enterprise Broadband access options have hard download limits.

Key service management features

Portal based self-service

Enterprise Broadband and Enterprise Connect both benefit from our market leading self-service management portal: Your IT team will use the provisioning and fault management tools provided by the team to support your end users. For example, a diagnostic wizard allows your IT team to remotely test each end user broadband line so that faults are correctly diagnosed at first touch. This service also provides an extensive portfolio of online reports, giving you total visibility of your broadband inventory, including fault tickets, installed lines, orders in progress and so on.

Rapid deployment

The Workplace self-service portal automates the delivery of broadband orders, minimising lead times and reducing errors. You can also order lines in bulk simply by uploading a spreadsheet containing circuit details – and benefit from the same, fully automated delivery.

Bundled PSTN

As well as ordering your broadband lines through the portal, you can also order data only PSTN lines to carry the broadband. These can be ordered together with the broadband for simultaneous delivery, integrated billing and integrated support.

Helpdesk to helpdesk service

With our helpdesk to helpdesk service model you can integrate the management of Enterprise Broadband Portfolio products into your own IT support team, so that users continue to benefit from a single point of contact for queries and problems. Online tools are available for your IT support team to carry out remote testing and fault resolution. BT Enterprise Broadband also offers the option of end-user direct telephone support.

Key commercial features:

Term-free connections

None of the Enterprise Broadband Portfolio products places any term commitment on individual lines, eliminating any problems related to notice periods and simplifying the process when employees change work style or leave the company. 

Single invoice

All products in the Enterprise Broadband portfolio have a simple and cost effective pricing structure with no bandwidth usage charges. You receive a single, itemised invoice for all your broadband lines so that charges can be centrally allocated and audited.

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