O2 Went Down And Customers Want Their Money Back!

O2 down.png

O2 customers will have noticed that there hasn't been faintest sign of 4G or the ability to use data services and people started to get a bit pissed off.

The network has said the problem is due to a 'third party supplier' but people still want to know if they can get some money back.

According to Ofcom: "Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate for your provider to offer you some money back while repairs are being carried out.

"In more extreme cases, where repairs take much longer (for example it takes longer than usual to access a mast site to undertake repairs), you may be entitled to an additional refund or account credit.

"In cases where you have been without service for some time, you may also have the right to leave the contract without penalty."

So, it seems like there may be a silver lining to this grey cloud hanging over an estimated 32 million customers.

The mega network service company confirmed the issues on Twitter, when it posted: "Our technical teams are investigating reports of issues when using data."

Following their initial announcement it confirmed the cause of issues by posting on Twitter: "Outage Update: One of our 3rd party suppliers has identified a software issue in their system. Our technical teams are working extremely hard to resolve this. We'd encourage you to use WiFi wherever you can and we are really sorry."

Not only were O2 customers affected by the outage but Giffgaff and Lycamobile customers, both subsidiaries of O2, are also stuck in a state of no service.

One customer said: "@O2 what if people don't have access to WiFi.......I think you need to at least knock some money off everyone's next bill or offer some kind of gesture,it's been nearly 12 hours now what if it never gets fixed what do we do then? #o2down #o2outage."

Another commented: "Furious with @giffgaff it's alright saying emergency calls work but what if there's an emergency at school or with my elderly grandparents and no one can get through to my bloody phone! #o2outage 24 hours now nearly."

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