Amazing ....Broadband with automatic failover to 4G!


Introducing 4G Assure - available NOW!

The UK’s first and only broadband with automatic switchover to 4G giving customers the ultimate reliability. Now, even if the network is down, customers will have a fast and reliable connection through 4G. And new customers get connectivity using 4G whilst waiting the standard lead time. What's more, it’s free for BT Premium and Ultrafast customers.

Why is this big news?

No one else offers this - a real differentiator for BT

No more downtime - built in automated failover to 4G in case the network goes down (failover allows the Static IP to keep working)

4G connection right away - while awaiting fixed line (approx 15 days)

Proactive support - if the broadband fails BT will call customer to let them know and resolve the issue. They may not even have noticed!

What does it cost?

It’s free for BT Premium customers, only £8.00 a month otherwise.
FREE - Ultrafast 1 and 2, Infinity Premium, Broadband Premium

£8/pm - Infinity, Infinity Unlimited, Infinity Essential, Broadband, Broadband Unlimited

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