5 advantages of sim only contracts for business


Sim only contracts have become one of the most popular options in the business mobile industry. More and more businesses are choosing to forget about lengthy two-year contracts in favour of a simple sim card.

While sim only deals are usually associated with personal contracts, they can also be a fantastic option for business users. They offer many advantages, from a cheaper price point to more freedom – here are five reasons why sim only could be just right for your business.

1. It’s cheaper
Sim only deals tend to be much cheaper than an ordinary contract, since these usually include the cost of renting a handset in the price. Some plans start as low as £8 per month – so if you already own a suitable smartphone, you could be making huge savings by choosing a sim only contract.

2. More freedom
Afraid of commitment? This is the perfect option for you: because you don’t have to pay for the cost a handset, most sim only contracts are shorter than those which include a smartphone. 

3. Shop around
Another advantage of having a shorter contract is that it allows you to shop around for deals. If your needs change and your current 30-day contract no longer works for you (do you need more data than you thought? Did you use up all your minutes in the first week?), you can simply change it and insert the new sim card into your phone.

4. Upgrade your phone
When you’re tied down to a two-year contract, you might end up missing out on the latest 9smartphone releases. To stay ahead of the game and make sure you’ve always got the latest and best phone in the industry, why not choose a sim only plan? You’ll be able to get the phone you want, when you want it, without having to pay off the rest of your contract.

5. Dual-sim power
Sim only contracts are also perfect for those with a dual-sim smartphone – these types of handsets are incredibly popular in the Chinese and American markets, but they tend to be less popular in the UK. Dual-sim handsets allow you to use two sim cards in the same phone, making them ideal for those who need one sim for their personal contract, and another one for work-related activities.

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