VoIP Only In 2020 - Are You Ready


By December 2020, European voice operators will stop providing analog voice and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services. Several of them have already launched plans to accelerate the internal transformation of their infrastructure and offer services to companies and individuals, specifically, for example, Deustche Telekom plans to finalize their changes in 2018, and British Telecom in 2020. Other operators such as Swisscomm o Belgacom has already completed its “all IP” plans.

Many companies in Europe will have to change or update their voice networks and switchboards to this new scenario, in which, in addition, a large part of the old equipment manufacturers have ceased to exist or have been “devoured” by this changing environment.

The new strategy is “all IP”, and “everything in the Cloud”, which implies serious changes at the level of infrastructure and corporate security, although the advantages are also enormous: flexibility, reduced costs, multi-ubiquity, greater control, resilience, and a seamless transition etc.

Your current phone system provider may not be ready to accompany you in this new environment. Many things are changing, and not everyone is prepared. Will you let us help you? We proactively support our clients, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best! 

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