VOIP gives your business more flexibility & control


With Hosted VOIP for business, you can expect to see a quick return on your investment.

Organisations of any size will feel the advantages that business VoIP providers offer financially. VoIP is proven, reliable and affordable. As well as providing increased flexibility and control, it also delivers an immediate reduction in costs.

This makes VoIP services beneficial for every business of every size. It is also an easy solution to install, use and manage.

VOIP is a technology that adds real value

VoIP delivers tremendous value for your business.

It’s effective, reliable and affordable, easy to adopt and easy to manage.

VoIP services for businesses offer all of the following:

  • Total flexibility – employees can work at any desk, from home or any other location and always be on the same number. If they relocate, they can take their VoIP accounts with them.
  • More options – you can set up local numbers to cover different regions, and have all calls directed to a central point
  • Unlimited scalability – new users can be added to or taken off the system at any time.
  • Extensive functionality – features like auto attendant, call divert, groups and call recording, and much more, are all available on VoIP services
  • More control – full reporting is available, so you can see how much time has been spent on calls
  • A safe bet – hosted and cloud-based VoIP services are now tried and trusted by thousands of businesses all over the UK, so it’s risk-free
  • Lower costs – VoIP services will reduce your telephony costs dramatically and you will always know exactly how much you are paying for local, mobile and international calls

Hosted VoIP is the future of telephony. Every week, progressive businesses are discarding their old PBX-based systems and replacing them with VoIP-based services. They are embracing the technology and benefiting from added scalability, increased control and lower costs.

Through its nationwide network of local partners, DMSL offers a complete end-to-end support programme that will ensure you get the right kind of hosted VoIP service for your business.

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