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Free Telecoms And IT Audit - Save Over 30%

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We’ll help you answer these questions, and many more:

  • How much can I save on my phone bills?

  • Is Hosted VoIP the way to go?

  • How can I easily connect all my people?

  • Can I combine Voice & Data connectivity?

  • How can I get the latest call features?

  • Am I paying for lines I’m not using?

If you haven’t had a professional audit of your telecom services in the last 18 months, there is a very high chance that you’re paying too much – and you won’t be taking advantage of the latest technologies like hosted VoIP. We are commonly able to save our customers at least 30% after the audit, often more!

But that’s not all, we will:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of Hosted VoIP

  • Advise on your voice & data connectivity

  • Save money on your IT & telecoms costs

  • Help you select the ideal solution

  • Improve and streamline your network

  • Project manage the entire process

How the complimentary Telecom Audit works:

We’ll look at your voice, IT, data and wireless services. We listen to your requirements, explain how the new technologies can benefit your organisation and provide one proposal that is ideal for your needs. Our aim is to reduce your telecom costs, improve your communications and provide overall telecom project management.

The benefit of using an independent telecom specialist comes from our unbiased advice and expertise. The alternative is for you to call each of the telephone companies and rely on a sales person to give you “objective” advice on your telecom needs. Our unbiased proposal favours you, not the phone company.

Please contact us direct to arrange your free no obligation Telecoms and IT review on tel No 01452 238866 or email us at

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Will I save money if I switch my business to VoIP?


If you have been looking into moving your business telephony to another provider no doubt you’ve been bombarded with offers and claims. How can you identify a good deal from a bad? How can you avoid any hidden costs? Will moving my telephony really save me money? There are a lot of questions to address before choosing a new provider. In this article we discuss the benefits of business VoIP and answer the key question, will I save money if I switch my business to VoIP?

 VoIP requires minimal capital expense

The beauty of VoIP is that it can be integrated with existing technology in your business. This means there is no need to buy extra equipment. Typically, this is through hybrid VoIP or hybrid PBX, which combines your existing phone equipment with VoIP. It’s worth asking your potential VoIP provider if they can support this service option for you instead of buying new handsets.

Gone are the days for most organisations having to invest in costly on-premise telephone systems, which can often be over expensive and overly complicated! At the very most some setup/installation charges will be required, alongside some competitively priced desk-phones of your choice - and that is it!

 Quick installation time and maintenance

Setting up traditional fixed communications demands a lot of time and often comes with high installation costs. They can come with pricey adjustments and high maintenance costs. Adding extensions to traditional phone systems often requires an outside vendor who’s familiar with your phone setup and office to come out and fix or rewire the system. This maintenance costs soon add up and can take crucial working hours to resolve. A hosted solution however has much lower maintenance costs and installation time. Adding users can be as simple as pressing a few buttons from your PC.

 VoIP is feature rich as standard

A VoIP system is full of free features that are simply inaccessible with traditional phone lines. One area to highlight particularly is it’s conferencing and meeting capabilities. This means that even a small business can host international meeting and conferences with ease. For most companies, all they need is hardware with a microphone, speaker and webcams that are usually already included in existing hardware.

 VoIP is future proof meaning less future expense

Moving to VoIP is an important decision as it means that you will be future proofing your communication. You may not be aware but ISDN phone lines will be ceasing as of 2025. This may seem like a long way away however we urge you to start considering a hosted solution now to ensure that you have time to find a solution that works best for your business.

The majority of workers are already using mobile phones and research indicates that this is set to rise. This means you should pick a provider that can offer VoIP services to mobile too. There’s no reason why you can’t hold business landline features in your pocket with today's technology. Here at Go Gloucestershire Communications we can also provide business mobile SIM's which you place into all major mobiles. You are then free to work remotely without compromising on any critical business features.

Switching to VoIP is a game changer for your organization. The good news is that you are making the correct one by insuring your future proofing your business telephony. You can expect lower costs and greater flexibility but if you would like some more advice on what you could expect or to talk to us about Go Gloucestershire Communications VoIP systems please call us on 01452 238866 or email us at   

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